Human Development Outreach Initiative (HDO)
You can change a life with knowledge and culture.
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HDO is a unified effort of Organizations and individuals in various fields of endeavor formed for the expressed purpose to encourage and empower the community through the coordination and cooperation of leadership, planning, and economic  development .  HDO is a service organization that is designed to serve the society by way of developing the positive potential of the community through the African American Culture. Through tutorial and training programs, its aim is to initiate special outreach programs housed in an African American Cultural Center to be located in Elizabeth NJ.  
The tutorial programs include a Math Clinic and reading and Writing Labs. The training programs include Visual and Performing Arts; vocational, culinary, welding, auto repair, construction, electrician, computer programing and Urban Agriculture. The economic aspect is focused in Business Development and Employment Development. The culture initiative includes a concentration of history that defines the Golden Era of the African American people in the United States (1834-present)
Serving the Elizabeth NJ and surrounding area 

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  1. Academic and Cultural Development
    Academic and Cultural Development
  2. Every Mind Counts
    Every Mind Counts
  3. We Care, It takes a village.
    We Care, It takes a village.
Every Mind Counts
You can save a life today!
  1. Academic and Cultural Training
    Academic and Cultural Training designed to help children learn school work and about life.
  2. Every Mind Counts
    Every person has the potential to learn and be a productive part of society.
  3. We Care, It takes a village.
    We care about our community and future, we can achieve, especially if we work together.